Monday, March 06, 2006

Thoughts while trying to shake off the jet lag

My motivations for studying Chinese--as I understand them--were different I think than many in academia, though not all. It was never simply about being an academic, nor was it about my research alone. Neither was it about my career, though I figured there would be some way of applying what I was to learn. At the time, I felt stuck, and was searching for a way to get on with my life. But there was something more. Since my youth, I had been intrigued by China, as a concept, something magical, far away, a dream. I dreamt about going there. Did I wish to become Chinese? I don't know. But somewhere in my gut I believed a transformation was possible, desirable. That is what it was, a transformative yearning, to be something different, somewhere else, like the frog in a well desperately attempting to hop out and experience the vastness of the world. My desires have changed, somewhat. Now, I am much more content with who I am; my vision is also more focused on what is in front of me, as I strive to put into practice what I have learned.


Anonymous co said...

glad to see you are back in the blogosphere!

6:56 AM  
Blogger Wulingren said...

I can't leave the blogosphere! There are several people sharing one computer, so there's not too much time to post, though I do have a couple of interesting stories. I go to the radio station today. They seem very nice.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous girl who drinks trees said...

Can't wait to hear how things turn out at the radio station. I think it's very exciting, O.! I'm in a bookstore/cafe trying to work on the diss. I feel a little more inspired here than elsewhere, but mind wanders.

1:52 AM  
Blogger Wulingren said...

I also found working in cafes to be helpful, just being around other people doing the same thing.

8:35 AM  

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