Wednesday, May 17, 2006

For the most part I agree with this

Michael Standaert, writing at the Huffington Post, wonders what happened to Taiwan:
So where did Taiwan go is a question that doesn't only refer to this map, but in the eyes of the wider world. I'm not suggesting Taiwan should declare independence, though I do believe that is up to them. Nor would I claim China has no right to see Taiwan as part of China. Historically, they have a valid position. I do believe, however, that the failure to recognize Taiwan's success over the past decades in building its democratic institutions, its political and press freedoms, as well as its success moving from a heavily industrialized economy to a high-tech and service oriented economy, should be held up as something for China to emulate. Instead, Taiwan is being isolated and strangled by Chinese dominance and forced into the position have having only two options left: join China, or declare independence and fight China. If China is really keen on promoting 'peace and harmony' as is so often heard in its Orwellian official rhetoric, they could start by laying off Taiwan and perhaps learning from their neighbor. They would also be wise to see that the pressure they do exert against Taiwan only pushes those pro-independence forces in Taiwan further toward that eventuality, and possibly war. Perhaps that is what they want.


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