Friday, August 11, 2006

It's as simple as this

Liberal Oasis' Bill Scher, who has been one of my daily reads for a couple of years now, has the perfect anecdote to the GOP fear-mongering: the truth. Scher argues that British police were able to foil a terrorist plot through simple law enforcement measures without any color-coded alerts. He contrasts this with Bush foreign policy:

We are all too painfully aware that the threat of terrorism has worsened after six years of Dubya's foreign policy.

We know that by occupying Iraq, saber-rattling with Iran, and fanning the flames in the Middle East, Bush has facilitated the spread of Al Qaeda's ideology, strengthening militants and marginalizing moderates in the Arab/Muslim world.

Scher goes on as follows:

And being in Iraq didn't weaken their political will to strike again. It only gave them more oxygen.

Bush claims we are "fighting them over there" so we don't have to "fight them here."

But fighting the wrong people over there is making more people want to bring the fight over here.

If this plot is a reminder of anything, it's a reminder that our current foreign policy is destabilizing the world and making us less safe at home.

It's as simple as that. That's how Democrats should respond to Replican charges that they are weak on security.


Blogger Rob said...

Agreed. That is the only approach the Democrats can take.

I'm so sickened by Joe Lieberman now - a man I once admired even if I didn't always agree with him. Lieberman's desperate attempt to seize on the recent attempt at terrorism in London and pevert it into a justification for the Iraq war is disgusting. He effectively jettisoned the last residue of respect I ever had for him.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Wulingren said...

Not knowing much about Lieberman, I was quite happy when Gore picked him, and he seemed like a pretty jovial and humble man at the time. The tipping point for me was when he said in 2003: "A Bush recession will be followed by a Dean depression."

11:12 AM  

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