Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do your part!

Chris Bowers analyzes six polls. Three show major victories for Democrats in November; three show only minor victories, with Republicans retaining the majority. The verdict:

Here is the point I am trying to get across: it currently is equally probable that Democrats will sweep this election to a degree surpassing Republicans in 1994, and that Democrats will make only small gains in this election. The lesson of polling right now is that two possible nations have appeared before us, and we live in them both. The truth is not in between. Our work over the next six weeks will determine which nation we will live in for years to come: the nation with the huge Democratic sweep, or the nation with the extremely narrow Republican majority? One of the main factors determining this choice is how much you--and yes, I mean you--are willing to give of yourself over the next six weeks.

If you dream of accountability, if you believe in protecting the constitution, if you believe Bush and Cheney and Rumsveld and Rice and Rove and all the other neo-cons are dangerous or incompetent or corrupt or stupid or whatever you feel they are doing wrong, then get involved. Do your part! Whether that means giving your money or time or both, then do it. Don't wait. Find your candidate(s), whether local or somewhere else, and support him/her/them.


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