Monday, January 01, 2007

Quote of the day

Hunter on Saddam:

The hanging of Saddam Hussein seems one of those things that people are almost obligated to comment on, even though the real-world impact seems destined to be basically nil, or nil with footnotes attached, anyway. Saddam became irrelevant the moment he was booted from power; the rest of his story was denouement. Though, one can imagine, not to him....

I can safely say that I have no pity for Saddam. But I have a great deal of pity for us, and I will regret his death only because of the unambiguous moral superiority it would have shown to keep the cretin alive and imprisoned -- a moral superiority that is above us, and will apparently forever remain so.

Saddam is dead. Another tin-cup Ozymandias, another man in history unworthy of the sand that covers him. Truly and without remorse, good riddance. He follows hundreds of thousands of better souls who, unlike him, deserved none of it. Let his requiem be a brief verbal farting of Fox News pundits, followed by the silence of eternity.

May the rest of us deserve better fates.


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