Sunday, February 19, 2006

Presidential Material

See the new podcast by Senator Feingold on the patriot act deal, which some Democratic Senators are signing on to:
So why the about-face? Why are they now standing down? Why the flip-flop?

I hope you’ll contact your Senators, ask why they decided to change their vote, and demand an answer.

The problem seems to be that Democrats are afraid of being called “soft” on terrorism.

I’ve read the news reports and been in the same meetings that others have where Democratic consultants warn of taking too tough of a stance on issues like the Patriot Act, or the warrantless NSA domestic surveillance issue, or the War in Iraq. These consultants advocate folding in the face of White House fear-mongering.

The problem is that they aren’t listening to the American people. They’re buying into to rhetoric and spin machine that the White House has put forward in place of an actual agenda.

We’re not doing the party, or the country, any favors by refusing to challenge an administration that views our freedoms as collateral damage in the war on terrorism. If Democrats aren’t going to stand up to an executive who disdains the other branches of government and doesn’t worry about trampling on the rights of innocent Americans, what do we stand for?

The American people will not vote for a party seen as timid – one that fails to stand on principle and offer strong leadership.


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