Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My tour of the radio station

Yesterday, I had a tour of the radio station--Radio Taiwan International--at which I might soon be working. I was supposed to arrive between 4 and 5, but didn't realize how far a walk it was from the Grand Hotel MRT station. Yes, RTI is right next to the famous Grand Hotel. The moment I entered the building at abot 4:35 I remembered what it was that attracted me to working there 7 years ago.

At the time, after receiving several rejection letters from graduate programs, I was considering trying my luck as a journalist, writing about Chinese societies, as I am now. However, I didn't have any journalistic experience, and I was told at an informational interview at Reuters that I could gain this experience by working for a local media company in Taiwan.

Then, I discovered RTI (then known as Central Broadcasting System--CBS). Beyond gaining the requisite experience, it was also a chance to remain in Taipei, a city which was starting to grow on me. And yes, the proximity to the Grand Hotel also attracted me, as did the idea of being in a Taiwanese work environment.

Well, the tour didn't last long. Paula introduced me to different people in the English department, showed me the broadcasting rooms, and demonstrated the software they use. On Saturday, I will take a translation and mike test, which I took 7 years ago. Paula jokingly said (I think it was a joke) they would have to make the test harder for me because of my training--passages from the Shiji?


Anonymous girl who drinks trees said...

Were there lots of other foreigners working there? I wonder if they really will make the exam harder. Did she think your Chinese was better than the last time she met many years ago? Everything has been set in motion now!

9:15 PM  
Anonymous open mike said...

There were some. I met one American guy with a beard. Not everyone was there when I came. The station broadcasts in several different languages--English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, etc.--so there are potentially foreigners from a lot of different places.

One other action that has helped to set things in motion was setting up a cell phone number yesterday. A friend of mine lent me his old cell phone. According to the proprietor of the place I'm staying, the first thing that every foreigner does when they move here is buy a cell phone. Well, I was holding off because I didn't know (and still don't) if I would get the job. The next thing after buying a cell phone is looking for an apartment.

7:28 AM  
Blogger eyvi does wonders said...

this all sounds so exciting! a cell phone, an apartment! wow!

3:37 AM  
Anonymous panhuman said...

Borrowed cell phone and not yet looking for apartment. That's the route I will go if I get this job, or another here. Anyway, today's the test.

6:12 AM  

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