Saturday, June 03, 2006

Chen Shui-bian and Annette Lu

Here is Battle Panda's insightful take on Annette Lu and what President Chen will do (from the comments):
Annette Lu used to be tremendously disliked in Taiwan -- she's abrasive, opinionated and comically gaffe-prone (though in Taiwan you gotta wonder how much the media has to do with that). However, in the wake of the first family's penchant for diamond encrusted watches and insider trading, Lu looks attractive because her integrity is generally considered to be beyond doubt. It's probably the best case scenario for the DPP if president Chen falls on his sword now and let Lu take over -- she'll have the best part of a term to prove herself, or not. However, I don't think Chen is ready. He's hoping to placate the populace by throwing his closest advisors overboard (exactly what they had to do with his thieving son-in-law is unclear) and "delegating power". It looks more to me like he's looking for any way he can to cling on to his presidency.


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