Friday, June 23, 2006

The letter I just sent to The New Republic

I don't understand why TNR is going after and other progressive bloggers, and to be clear, it was The New Republic that slandered bloggers and not the other way around. I say this as a free agent. Markos didn't put me up to this. I am educated, have a career, and can think for myself. Like many others, I first got involved in politics, and started reading progressive blogs in 2003, when it hit me that there was virtually no effective opposition in America. I saw Democrats being pulled along on a leash on too many Bush misadventures. Print and electronic media didn't seem to be providing any alternative visions for America either. Then, I discovered the blogs, and the myriad voices that comprise the netroots. I found people with passion, who yearned for a better world. I engaged in the movement of people joining together and self-organizing. And throughout this period, I have also witnessed establishment politicians and media cringing at the thought of such democratic action taking place on the ground. God forbid, a democratic movement forming in America of all places. The question is: does TNR wish to be a reactionary voice in the world, one that says: "Let the people eat cake." Or does it want to be a progressive voice of betterment, one that speaks truth to power, one that offers its readers an innovative vision(s). Is TNR willing to change with the times or is it merely protecting its interests, ready to libel others in the process. Just remember: you risk alienating your potential readers.


Blogger Battlepanda said...

Interesting. Early 2003 was also when I started reading blogs. I guess that was the snapping point for a lot of people who were previously rather oblivious of politics.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Wulingren said...

Hey Angelica. Is that your new baby? I wouldn't say I was oblivious before, but not ready (though always thinking about it) to get involved beyond the simple act of voting. But I agree, 2003 was a snapping point (better metaphor than tipping point).

10:09 AM  

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