Monday, June 19, 2006

That was my advice too!

The Asia Times Online has a very good recap of the fascinating, volatile (though not, I think, in a dangerous way), sometimes crazy political climate in Taiwan. It also echoes what I said about Annette Lu a couple of weeks ago:
Analysts are certain that Chen, who has lost much public support after the exposure of corruption scandals involving his son-in-law and close aides, can no longer play his old trick of diverting public attention by provoking China with pro-independence moves, such as drafting a "new constitution" for the island. Thus, during the remaining two years of his office, the situation in the Taiwan Strait will likely remain stable.

"If Chen yields to the opposition parties' pressure and steps down, it would be very dramatic," said Emile Sheng, a political scientist at Taiwan's Soochow University. "If Vice President Annette Lu takes the office, she would clean up all of the politician-related scandals, which would regain some political ground for DPP."
Of course, Lu is viewed as even more of a pro-independence advocate than Chen.


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