Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A significant event that shaped my destiny

There I was, sitting in the sand, with my little shovel in hand. I must have been digging for days and months, or maybe it was just moments. Time alludes itself after so much of it has past. It appears blurry through the current lens. But what is clear as day, as if it occurred only seconds ago, is the discovery that I made.

As I lifted the shovel from the sand, and pouring it, inspected what was in my hand. In the midst of all the tiny speckles, what emerged was a sheckel, an ancient Hebrew coin, or that is what they said*********************************************************

****************************(the camera zooms out, farther and farther away. A little boy sits in a sandbox with other children, all with shovels in their hands. A few older figures stand by, each remarking at what the boy had discovered).

That is the way it was, that day I sat in a sandbox at a temple in St. Louis, or was it New Jersey. Hard to say.


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