Friday, July 28, 2006

A short note

I spend a lot of time on this site going back and forth between writing about Taiwanese politics and American politics, between attempting to capture what people I meet here think about their society and what I am thinking, feeling, seeing, dreaming, smelling, hearing, and doing on any given day--between subjective and objective, personal and global, the past, present, and future. That is partly the nature of blogs (though many bloggers confine their discussions within specific frames), but probably more a reflection of my own manner of scribbling. So, hopefully, those of you who were attracted to this site because of an interest in Taiwan's situation won't be put off by a post on America's situation, or vice versa. Likewise, it is not my intention to scare away people who have liked some of my posts that transmitted the words of random strangers on the streets of Taipei with posts that described memories from my childhood--ones to which only my parents could relate. I guess I am also one of those random strangers lurking in Taipei's lanes and alleyways.


Blogger Rob said...

Hi Wulingren -

I actually enjoy the randomness of your blog. Posts about personal observations of people on the street to analysis of geo politics. I hope you keep that style. I couldn't do it that way but you make it work quite well.

I have a blog you may enjoy reading for perspective on the mideast. It's David Michaelis's blog. Michaelis is the Director of Link TV in San Francisco. He's an Israeli citizen who co-produced the documentary "Occupied Minds" with a Palestinian journalist about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Wulingren said...

Thanks, Rob. I always look forward to your comments here and you have a great blog too. Likewise, I probably couldn't blog in a less random way. I guess you just have to go with the way your mind works best.

I'll check out Michaelis's site and probably link to it. I tend not to blog about Israel because I've never been able to wrap my mind around the situation there, despite my early years going to religious school on Saturdays.

I also know from my experience in Taiwan and China that you often get a much difference picture of a situation when you are actually living in the midst of it. That's why I could never take someone like Jonah Goldberg or Rich Lowry seriously. They claim to be "experts" on every situation and yet they have no sensitivity to any situation.

12:25 PM  

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