Saturday, February 03, 2007

The provenance of my on-line name

For those who would like to know why I call myself Wulingren, or at least part of the reason why, first read the translation of Tao Yuanming's, "The Peach Blossom Spring" here, and then watch the very nice animated retelling below. It is less than 8 minutes long, and well worth watching.

Ah, that's such a beautiful story. I read it in my second-year classical Chinese class more than ten years ago, and the moment I poured my soul into deciphering it, it became perhaps my favorite piece of writing in Chinese. There was a resonance, one I have felt on several occasions since, like the time I happened upon the Bunun Tribal Area (That was a particularly prolific period of my blogger existence).

The animation is produced by Chu Bang Fu (Chu Bong-Foo):
...the inventor of the Cangjie method in 1976,the first Chinese input System which is still widely used today. He is named as "The father of the modern Chinese computing". He also invented Chinese computer with Acer in 1979,Chinese Windows in 1990,Chinese E-Book device in 2001,Chinese CPU such as V-Dragon SCS3210 with IBM in 2004,etc,. Now he is doing research about mass-production 3D software system to produce thousands of animation works with Chinese culture spirit.

Wikipedia has more about Chu and the Cangjie method, which I must say I have never understood.


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