Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome Angelica

You know, it's always nice to meet fellow progressive bloggers in person. A fond memory of mine is when I was canvassing for MoveOn prior to the 2004 election, and I happened upon the apartment of Chris Bowers of My Due Dilligence fame. I said, "Are you the Chris Bowers who blogs for" Well, yesterday, as I was sitting in the Taiwanmex 1 waiting for pizza with the owners, Raul and Magos, Angelica of Battlepanda walked in. She is building the website for Taiwanmex. I noticed a progressive site on her iBook and we got to talking, and realized each other had blogs and were familiar with the same on-line authors. Great site! Now, it's just a shame I will have to miss yearly kos. That's gonna be a blast!


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