Saturday, May 27, 2006

For my vegetarian readers

Today I found a great stand as I got off at the Shipai stop, near Tianmu--the heart of the wealthy expat community in Taipei. It used to be, at least. I saw what looked like an outdoor salad bar with a crowd of people in front of it. Naturally, as you could all imagine, I walked over to inspect what might soon be entering my digestive system. It was a sushi type set-up, but most of the fillings appeared to be vegetables. There were about five different kinds of rice to choose from; I chose the purple rice. Then, the server asked me if I wanted to choose the fillings or if she should choose the best match. I let her, and after we made the necessary exchange, I walked off into the sun, eating my purple rice treat and sipping a soy milk. It was a truly unique culinary experience. And there was harmony in the world.


Anonymous chai xiaojie said...

haha, i'm jealous! :)

5:31 AM  

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