Monday, June 05, 2006

A great line from Americablog

John says:
We have no government. We have a tax-cutting war machine run by an incompetent moron.


Blogger Canadian Pundit said...

Those tax cuts have made the US the economic power house that it is today. It has also resulted in the US government receiving more money,because the economy is performing. Historically, from Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton in 1994, and now cuts have resulted in long term economic growth that benefits everyone. If there is a beef, it is spending. The US government under Bush has increased spending by 40%....yes 40%....or....translated in US dollars....and increase of $900,000,000,000 since 2001 to 2.6 trillion this year. Bush may be a moron, but he knows his you?

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Blogger Wulingren said...

First of all, that was a quote from Americablog. That being said, by quoting it here, I was in effect endorsing it. Well, I do know something about history and there is a lot I don't know. I would argue that Bush has a very shallow view of American history and a non-existent view of world history.

No, I am not ready to get into an argument about taxes. However, I welcome anyone reading this to respond to Canadian pundit. All I will say is that there are plenty of economists who would disagree with your assertions--that tax cuts have been the sole factors for the growth you mention or that everyone benefits. Since I am not a specialist on this issue, again, I welcome those who are to comment. Feel free to use this space for discussion of tax cuts and/or spending issues. You can use this space as long as you remain civil and don't make nasty comments about other commenters.

My only questions are:

1. Did tax cuts hold the same position in the economic policies of all of the presidents you mentioned?

2. Was there anything different about these presidents' tax cuts?

3. At whom did each of these presidents aim their tax cuts?

4. Is there ever a time when it is necessary to raise taxes?

5. Is it ever worthwhile for the government to spend money? On what?

6. Is there anything different between Bush's tax cuts and the tax cuts of former presidents?

I don't have much more to say about this. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, we can all learn from this experience.

That way, we won't have to remain frogs in a well.

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