Friday, April 07, 2006

Two articles to help you understand Bushism

And you should understand it, because it affects all of us, no matter where we are. It is a curse, a regression back to the time when kings (now: corporate Christian plutocracy?)--unaccountable to any law-- ruled the land, and normal people had no say. That is what they want: to restore the authority and legitimacy of the president (king), and an ignorant public that never questions. If you question or oppose Bush policy, you are deemed a traitor; your words and deeds only serve to help the terrorists and hurt the troops. Therefore, the president can break the law and monitor what you say, and there is nothing wrong with exposing your identity if you are an undercover CIA agent and your husband criticizes the president's lies.

In response to Karl Rove's claim that liberals and Democrats have a pre-911 mentality, Senator Feingold--now a hero among many for demanding the censure of the president--said Bush has a pre-1776 mentality. How right were those words!

Here are two articles to help you understand what has been happening since Bush entered office, though Bush is really the culmination of a long term plan. The first is by Gary Hart, a former senator from Colorado who once ran for president; the second is by Kevin Phillips, a former Republican strategist for Nixon who has seen the light.


Blogger Rob said...

Hi -

There is a community blog I recently discovered called My Left Wing that I think you may appreciate.

The proprietor, Maryscott O'Connor used to be a blogger for Daily Kos. She still cross posts there as well as MY DD and Booman Tribune but branched out on her own.

Anyway, she's very much in touch with her community and she's helpful to smaller progressive blogs like ours. She added me to her blogroll and I suspect she just might do the same for you as well. And it's a nice community. Daily Kos doesn't really feel so much like a community to me anymore. Anyway, thought you might be interested in reviewing it.


10:57 AM  
Blogger Wulingren said...

Thank you, Rob. I have read Maryscott's--in a word, powerful--writing, especially when she was one of the most popular diarists at Daily Kos. I don't think a day passed without one of her diaries making it to the recommend list, or did everyone of them make it.

I guess I see myself as part of the greater Kos community rather than the smaller in-group that it can sometimes become. I still like the diary feature, many of the sites that are linked to, and the front page authors--former and present.

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